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Developing Innovative Solutions for Infrastructure, Turn-Key, EPC, and Landmark Projects

We turn your vision into a reality. Our hard-working mentality towards high-end construction work is what propels our success for over a decade now.

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Innovative solutions
Bridge and steel structures design
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Steel structures supply
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Complex buildings


We elaborate project documentation for the following project segments:

Preliminary design:

  • Concept development and planning,
  • Preliminary design,
  • 3D visualization.

Basic design:

  • Architecture design,
  • Static calculations and construction drawings,
  • Projects for electrical and mechanical installation,
  • Each study needs to obtain a building permit (fire protection, safety at work, traffic signalization).

As-built documentation:

  • Elaboration of As-built documentation.

Tender documentation:

  • Preparation of detailed bills of quantities,
  • Tender drawings,
  • Consulting clients,
  • Assistance in negotiations.

Project Revision

Our project documentation revisions ensure accuracy, quality, and compliance with the laws, norms, and design standards for design and any additional technical construction regulations. Each revision ensures the project fulfils the basic requirements of the construction laws.

Revisions must be performed in terms of:

  • Mechanical resistance,
  • Stability,
  • Earthquake protection of buildings.

Aligning with the Environmental Law, we also conduct revisions on studies, which help us assess the project’s environmental impact. Consequently, cooperating with experienced and quality revisers, we perform revisions on various project requirements.

Project documentation revisions ensure that the object meets the relevant law requirements and that the object will be appropriately shaped, functional, and used effectively in an economic matter.

Construction Supervision

For controlling the project from start to finish, we conduct regular construction supervision. This means professional control of the site, where the supervisor determines if the construction is carried out by the project documentation and the legal regulations upon which the building permit was obtained.

The construction supervisor tasks are monitoring the work’s quality and quantity, contractors’ coordination, preparation of documentation for technical inspection, and obtaining a building permit. The supervision price is defined in accordance with the Investors’ requirements and the scope of supervision.

Within the construction supervision process, we include the following services:

  • Obtaining a professional team of contractors for construction works, craftworks, and installation works,
  • Analysis of tenders and contract preparation.

The construction supervision process implies regular attendance at the construction site, which includes the following controls:

  • Amount of construction work done,
  • Quality control of construction works, products, materials, installations, and technologies embedded in the building,
  • Respect for deadlines,
  • Performance control according to the building permit requirements,
  • Construction supervision during the process of trial performance.

We obtain all engineering services through a team of professionals and external collaborators with whom we cooperate successfully for many years, specialized, and experienced in architecture and construction.

Production control department activities aim to supply, produce, and deliver materials, tools, and other goods needed for our TURN-KEY projects.

The most important tasks of our production control department are:

  • Geometric control of materials,
  • Welding, tools,
  • ATEST certificate control,
  • Production process control,
  • On-time delivery control,
  • Other inspections requested by the client.

Construction and Erection

The primary assignments and activities of our construction and erection department are:


  • Site management
  • Subcontractors and suppliers coordination
  • Coordination meetings with the client
  • Organization of requested inspections to obtain an operational permit
  • Quality assurance (QA/)
  • Quality control (QC)
  • Time scheduling
  • Expert supervision