"Pekabesko A.D."- Skopje, Macedonia

Location of these facilities is in the village near the city of Skopje - Macedonia. This warehouse for meat processing and distribution of meat products is divided into four technical units. The bearing structure of the building is a steel roof set on the reinforced concrete columns. Part A is a section for reception of raw materials, administration part and tracking area. One part of this division is on two floors, but the part for reception of raw material is of one floor height. Part B is the production section. This section has the dimensions of 5x10.7m in cross section and spans of 24+2x17.55+13.55+17.55+24m. Main roof girders are lattice girders which use a cantilever static system. EURO profiles were used, and for the filer U or box girders, depending on the installation method. Part C is the section where the coolers and delivery of final products section are placed. The whole division has dimensions of 132.00 x 41.80m. The roof construction in this part has two spans. Part D is a machineray compartment. The total gross area of the facilities is 20 000m2. For this building 1 000t of steel construction was used.

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2009 - 2012