"Dilltalbrücke" – Haiger, Germany

"Dilltalbrücke" is a highway bridge and a part of the 45th Federal Highway. It is located near the town Haiger - Germany. This is the second bridge built at the place of where another bridge had been and it is a box girder bridge. The previous bridge was built between 1965 and 1968. It consisted of 15 fields of plate girders 53.40m long. Thus, they had a total length of 801m. The current bridge consists of a total of 13 fields with the length of 45-85m. It was built by the “Heilit-Woerner Bau AG“ company from Munich. The construction has a separate system in width, made of superstructures with a single-celled composite box girder and a prestressed concrete slab. The new building was opened for traffic in 2003.


05 Haiger 2

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1999- 2002

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