"SP MARKET"- Taftalidze, Skopje, Macedonia

The location of the accomplished objects is in Skopje - Macedonia. The reconstruction and adaptation consists of three segments:
- Reconstruction of existing facilities in order to modernize the building. The size of the object isn’t changed, structural elements remain the same, but installations are being completely changed. The facility is intended for shopping and business, with the purpose of retailing the agricultural products.
- Dislocation of the Green Market on the East side, for which the steel profile overhang is constructed.
- Reconstruction and adaptation of the South side building.
The reconstruction of the main building is performed with facade steel substructure, consisting of pillars with a cross section of HEA160, placed at a distance of 2.5m in longitudinal and 3.125m in the transverse direction. On pillars, horizontal thermal insulation panels are placed, with a thickness of 8cm. Including the cladding, the construction has dimensions of 55.66m in length, 36.3m in width, 6.2m in height on the outside surface, and a basic surface of 2020m2.

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